In order to gain even more control over the process, Thirtyfour decided in 2019 to take over its own factory in Delhi, in addition to its own office and warehouse. Shortening the chain makes it possible to work even more flexibly. This also gives us the opportunity to produce more responsibly because we have everything in our own hands. In addition to regular production, in-house printing of logos also takes place here and we have the option of seam sealing.

We work with selected suppliers, so we know exactly who we work with and how. A thorough investigation precedes a collaboration, we do not just go into business with everyone. 90% of our suppliers are located in India, our Indian colleagues visit and assess these suppliers. Only when we are sure that a company meets our standards and values do we decide whether or not to cooperate. Parties with whom we work can therefore count on long-term cooperation due to this thorough selection.


Our factory, named The Tailors, employs 50 people. These colleagues are managed by our Indian office colleagues. Because the factory is under our own management, we have a good view of, among other things, fair salaries, working hours and good working conditions.

The Dutch and Indian colleagues have daily contact via Skype. The use of this means of communication provides a good picture of the working method and working conditions in both countries. The owner of both Thirtyfour and The Tailors visits the factory twice a year to also speak to workers in the production area. In this way, staff satisfaction is also guaranteed and monitored in India.


Thirtyfour has been an active member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) since 2013. The Fair Wear Foundation was established to improve the clothing industry. Fair Wear's mission and vision connects perfectly to that of Thirtyfour. The foundation ensures that the affiliated companies produce in an ethical manner. In order to improve the clothing industry, an approach is used that consists of the following core activities:

• Brand performance check; this is a check on the business operations of the affiliated companies. Every year, companies' efforts to improve the clothing industry are measured and assessed. A company then gets an insufficient, sufficient or good for this part. Thirtyfour currently scores good on the Brand Performance Check.

• Factory Audits; factories are audited by the Fair Wear Foundation. It is examined whether the Fair Wear Code of Labor Practices is met. Based on this visit, the company receives comments and points for improvement. The following year it will be investigated how successfully changes have been made. The first audit in our new factory will take place shortly. Based on this audit, we can draw up a development plan.

• Factory Trainings; The Workplace Education Program trains on-site workers and management in India according to the Fair Wear Code of Labor Practices. This code consists of eight different labor standards, including for example living wages and working hours. Because we have daily contact with our colleagues in India, they now have a reasonable picture of the labor standards that we apply and that they should also apply.

• Complaints helpline; In our production area there is a mailbox in which employees can anonymously submit complaints and / or tips. In this way, we can discover together with Fair Wear what the points for improvement are from the point of view of our colleagues. The mailbox has been in use since day 1 and all tips are taken along and, of course, followed up where possible.

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